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You can register for free anytime you want. There are no obligations and we do not force you to register, is up to you and is free all the time.

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Advertise & Earn

Our model if very simple, so anyone can understand it. You need advertise your website? Just buy a package of advertising, than you earn traffic and money.

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Registered Company

Adtech Solution Ltd. is a registered company and you can check our seals and our SSL also, so yes we invested in security and performance for you to be safe.

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Launch Date: August 25, 2016

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Earn 161% back
This is very simple, you buy a package of 10$ and you will earn 16.1$. This is a profit of 6.1$ for 1 package. What if you buy 10 packs or 100 packs? Do the match...
Earn 11% commission
If you have friends and want to invite them, you can use your unique referral link and we will reward you with 11% of all his investments, instantly, directly to your account.
Earn visits and traffic
For every package you buy small or big, one or ten, you will earn advertisement credits, that you can use whatever you want for whatever you want (banners, ads, text, etc).
Professional team
To form a team is just beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success and we already working together for years, so our success is yours also.
Well secured
As you can see we invested a lot in security and seals, because we want the best for you, much more we want to stay legally, this is why we get the SSL and extra security features.
Innovated and Unique design
We hired not just designers but artist to "paint" all you see here. It was a hard work of tree months, but we made it and we put it together for you, just check the account.


Basic Pack

  • Get back 141%
  • 41 directory listing
  • 4100 Ad Credits
  • 11% Referral Commission
  • Minim 50 to go for Advance Pack
  • Maximum AdPacks: 100
  • Turn $5.00 into $7.05

Advance Pack

  • Get back 151%
  • 201 directory listing
  • 10501 Ad Credits
  • 11% Referral Commission
  • Minim 125 to go for Investor Pack
  • Maximum AdPacks: 250
  • Turn $20.00 into $30.20

Investor Pack

  • Get back 161%
  • 401 directory listing
  • 16100 Ad Credits
  • 11% Referral Commission
  • No Requirements
  • Maximum AdPacks: 500
  • Turn $50.00 into $80.50

Our motto is very clear: "A return Revenue for any Ads." This mean that you will get a profit (or a revenue) from every single ad you place, buy or view. So the bigger interest is for advertisements the bigger will be your profits and our together. Simple as that... Also we plan to open an app (mobile app) for every operating system. That is a goal we wanted to state from the start, to see that we are really serious with this.


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